TFDA Organization

In order to fulfil its mission of protecting and promoting public health, TFDA is organized into four Directorates and Zone offices .

At the top of the structure is the Permanent Secretary,  Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, who is responsible for strategic issues with regards to the TFDA’s performance. S/he is accountable to the Minister responsible for health who is again advised by TFDA Ministerial Advisory Board (MAB).



tfda director generalMr. Hiiti B. Sillo

The Director General is the overall Chief Executive of the organization. He is responsible for the day to day operations of the Authority. His office is comprised of the Legal Counsel, Internal Audit, Quality Management, Procurement and Communication and Public Relations units. These five offices are responsible for providing supportive services in areas not linked to any of the specialized directorates. There are also seven Zone offices under DG's office.

Directorate of Food Safety

TFDA Food Safety directorMr. Raymond N. Wigenge
Director, Food Safety 

This Directorate is responsible for ensuring safety and quality of food to be manufactured, imported, distributed or sold for human consumption. The Directorate performs food inspection services, pre-market evaluation and registration of food products and food establishments, food risk analysis, food import and export certification and food promotion control.

Directorate of Medicines and Complimentary Products

Mr. Adam Mitangu Fimbo
Director,  Medicines and Complementary Products 

The Directorate is responsible for ensuring that all human and veterinary medicines, herbal medicines, cosmetics and medical devices are correctly evaluated for quality, safety and effectiveness before being approved for use. The Directorate is also responsible for inspection and enforcement of medicines, cosmetics and medical devices. It is also responsible for control of clinical trials and Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) monitoring and evaluation.

Directorate of Laboratory Services

Dr. Danstan Haipolite
Ag Director, Laboratory Services 

This Directorate is responsible for conducting laboratory analysis of food, medicines and cosmetics and testing of medical devices for enhancing decision-making within the Authority.

Directorate of Business Development

Crispin Severe
Ag. Director, Business Development 

This Directorate is established to provide and enhance good management of TFDA’s resources and to give support to all technical operations of the Authority. It is involved with Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, development and implementation of public education programmes, Information and Communication Technology services, Finance and Human Resources and Administration activites.