Big Results Now - BRN

TFDA currently is enforcing the TFDCA, 2003 in line with Tanzania Development vision (TDV) 2025 through the National Initiative Programmes popularly termed as Big Result Now (BRN).

Realigning regulations and institutions is one of the six focused areas under BRN for business environment improvement in Tanzania. Under this cluster, TFDA in collaboration with Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) is implementing Guidelines for the implementation of a business licensing reform in Tanzania. The implementation is in different phases. Currently we are in phase one, whereby among other things, TFDA has tried to put all information for business licensing requirements under its obligations in its website. This is aiming at making regulatory requirements for obtaining business license related with regulated products easily accessible by TFDA stakeholders/customers. Under BRN, TFDA started offering some its application services online. 

It is expected that under BRN, TFDA customers especially dealers of  regulated products  will enjoy TFDA services hence find business environment friendly in Tanzania and in turn making contribution towards realizing TDV, 2025.