Clients Service Charter(2016)

For the past 10 years, the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) has been consistently providing quality regulatory services to its esteemed customers inline with service standards depicted in its Clients Service Charter (CSC) 2006 as amended in 2012. The objective of this charter is to make transparency commitment to clients, listen and serve them to the possible highest standards aiming to satisfy them in the service delivery. The implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS), use of Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) and adherence to Laws, Regulations and Guidelines in providing services has made it possible for TFDA to meet our customers’ needs and expectations to satisfactory levels. 

The Authority’s achievement in service provision is derived from the unmeasured and timely support and cooperation from many key players particularly our esteemed customers, stakeholders and the general public including their feedback and suggestions on the services. 

The attainment and retention of accreditation certificates for our Food and Microbiology Testing Laboratories inline with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 International Standard issued by SADCAS/SANAS Accreditation Board as well as World Health Organization (WHO) Prequalification Certificate for the Medicines Testing Laboratory since January 2011 to date have further increased customer trust in our services.

However, various changes including technological advancements, socio - economic changes pose challenges to the operating procedures, processes, practices and services provided by TFDA. These scenarios call upon the need for regular review of the TFDA Client’s Service Charter in order to accommodate the emerging challenges. The reviewed 2016 CSC has taken into consideration these changes in cognizance of available resources. In this case therefore, and considering stakeholders involvement and discussion on the Charter, I have no doubt that they will be effectively and efficiently adhered to during services provision to clients.

TFDA will strive to ensure that all our esteemed customers are best served in accordance with the laws, regulations, guidelines and the CSC, 2016 standards.

Hiiti B. Sillo

Director General